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Airtel Xstream Box Highlights

  • 3 Month free Airtel TV OTT(Xstream) Content
  • 3 Months Amazon Prime Video
  • 1 Month DTH Services Free
  • 4K Picture Quality
  • Dolby Dolby Atmos Sound
  • HD Media Player Set Top Box
  • Free Installation & delivery within 4-24 Working Hours

Airtel Xstream Box FAQs
Product/Features/Usability Related
1. What is Airtel Xstream Box?
Airtel Xstream Box is a 4K, android-TV based set-top box with Airtel TV integrated from Airtel that gives access to 10000+ Movies, Shows, etc. & transform your TV with a host of exciting and useful features.
(a) Apart from regular DTH services, you can now access internet based services such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and lot more.

(b) With Chromecast inbuilt, now you can simply cast any show, movies, music and much more from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone directly on to your TV.

(c) Discover what’s on TV with an easy to use voice search
(d) Xstream Box doubles up as you gaming box as well. You can choose from plethora of Apps and Games available on Google Play store and Airtel Store.

2. How is it better than regular dth set-top boxes or different from competitors?
(a) Airtel Xstream Box is an Android based 4K set-top box that comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also supports – Google Voice-search, Dolby ATMOS, SD Card and multiple USB slots.

(b) It has Inbuilt Chromecast for casting and screen mirroring your phones content.
(c) It has a Bluetooth remote control, also you can now use your phone as a smart controller for playing Games and use it as a remote also.
(d) You can connect your Bluetooth devices such as Speakers, headsets to enjoy better audio.
(e) It supports latest Dolby ATMOS technology for better experience

3. What are the other features available on this set-top box?
Airtel is committed to provide best technology and features for our users.
The box supports integrated Google Assistant, Airtel TV with single sign on, ergonomically designed Bluetooth remote with Hotkeys for premium OTT Apps.
As this is an android based platform, it supports more than 5000 Android Apps via google play store.
And there will be incremental features and regular updates to the Xstream Box that will enable new features going forward.

4. What is the change in technology with this box?
Airtel XStream Box is India’s 2nd Generation Hybrid DTH set-top box based on Google Android TV platform

5. Is this compatible with any specific type of TV?
Airtel XStream Box is compatible with all types of TVs including 4K, HD on LED, LCD, or plasma technology as it supports HDMI output. It can also be connected to older TV sets over Audio, video cable. Additionally it also has output to connect to Home theatre that work on Optic cable.

6. How can I connect this set-top box with Internet?
Your Xstream Box has inbuilt Wi-Fi receiver, so that you can easily connect to your Home Wi-Fi network, or mobile hotspot. In case you don’t have any Wi-Fi network then you can connect your Xstream Box using Ethernet cable.

7. What is the minimum Internet speed required for this?
Recommended Internet speed is 4Mbps and above.
Please note that to watch 4K content higher speeds may be required.

8. If I don’t use this with Internet, can I use this as a simple STB if need be?
Yes you can use it as a simple set-top box, but for best experience and to take advantage of new age features it is recommended to use with internet connection.

9. How much internal memory does this box have and how can I use it?
10. Do I get recording / downloading space from your side for this?
The 8GB internal memory on Xstream Box is used for Operating system, Apps and Games. For recording feature you need to connect your own pen-drive, or USB disk. However, this feature is currently not available and will be made available after a software upgrade.

11. What should I do if all internal memory is utilized?
12. Can I expand the internal storage?
You can increase the memory of Xstream Box by adding SD card. It supports SD card up to 128GB.

13. How to watch my photos, movies that are on my personal USB drive.
You need to connect your pen-drive and mark it as local storage in Android settings. You will need to download any App from Google Play store that supports local content browsing. Few examples are ES File explorer, VLC etc.

14. How to watch my photos that are on my smartphone. ?
You may use Feature available on Smart remote (using your mobile as remote) and use “Share TV” option.

15. How to use cast? (movies on TV and any such content)
You can cast or screen mirror you phone directly on the big screen via Airtel XStream Box. To use the casting feature, Xstream Box and your smartphone has to be on same Wi-Fi network. Next, open any cast enabled App on your smartphone. Press the CAST icon to watch content on the TV screen and cast applications on your TV.

16. Which all external devices do I get free with this from Airtel side?
Airtel provides you with Bluetooth based remote control.

17. I am not able to view Internet but DTH connection is working fine. What is to be done?
Please ensure that your internet Connection is working fine. Minimum speed required is 4Mbps. In case you are unable to watch or play any online content on Xstream Box, please check following –
a. Are you able to watch or access internet connect through your smartphone or laptop that is on the same network. If yes, then you need to check on Wi-Fi or IP settings if the Xstream Box is connected.
b. Are there any App update in progress? If yes, Please check after the updates are over.

18. Weather conditions will still impact or can I view Xstream Box without any issue?
DTH signal will still be impacted if weather conditions are not good and signals reception is blocked or interrupted. Internet based services will run absolutely fine as long as internet connectivity is present.

19. How much money will I incur for my internet if I view TV for 1 hour?
There is no additional data consumption if you are watching DTH channels. Recommendations and Voice search needs Internet connectivity but the data usage is very minimal. Only if you watch any online video, you will incur data charges, that will be dependent on the video quality selected and might vary from App to App.

20. What features be unavailable if I don’t have internet connection
Features like Voice based search, Recommendations on home page, Android TV services like YouTube, Play store, Netflix, and Airtel Movies that require internet connectivity will be unavailable in absence of Internet connectivity.

21. Are there separate charges for using YouTube/Airtel Movies/Netflix?
There is no cost to use YouTube and other Google provided applications. There are many free games and Apps available that can be downloaded on the Xstream Box.
To watch Netflix/Amazon Prime Video/other OTT Apps separate subscription is required. While Netflix offers 1 month free trial for new subscribers on pre-authorization basis.

22. Can I record my favorite programs?
This feature will be available very soon.

23. How much can I record? / For how long can I record / how much space do I have?
Once this feature is available, you can connect any pen-drive up to 2 Terabyte (2TB) and record as much as you want.

24. Can I record programs coming in future?
Once this feature is available, you can schedule recording for the programs coming in future.

25. Can I record program which have come in past?
You cannot record a program that has been telecasted in past.

26. Can I record programs that are on internet or for example YouTube?
This will depend on the Apps that you are using. For example YouTube might give offline feature that allows you to store the program on your set-top box but other Apps like Netflix might not give you such an option.

27. Will my existing digital TV remote work with Xstream Box set-top box?
Yes. Some features may work but it is recommended to use Xstream Box remote for seamless experience. Xstream Box set-top box comes with a Bluetooth remote control with special keys like Google Assistant, Airtel Home, and Hotkeys for premium Apps like Netflix, YouTube & Amazon Prime Video.

28. Any new features available with this remote?
a. Voice search
b. No need to point and shoot towards TV
c. Pairing with set-top box

29. What are the features of Mobile Application? Where can I download it?
Airtel Smart Remote App can be used as a remote control to control your set top box. You can create your favorite channel and app list. You can use also use it for casting your photos, videos and music.
You can convert your set top box into digital photo frame using screensaver function of smart remote app. The virtual keyboard of your phone can be used to enter user name & password details on your box.
Your smart remote app doubles as game pad to play different games available on the Xstream Box platform. It can be downloaded from Google Play store Link (Link to be shared later). This app uses Bluetooth to connect to your Xstream Box.

30. How can I check for latest software?
Under Android Settings, about section you can check if there are any System Updates and Remote control software update available.
Purchase/Pricing/Service Related
31. In which all locations have you launched this?
Airtel Xstream Box will be available initially for 1 month at 52 cities, later it will be available across India. But you can book it on advance basis. Currently it is available in Agra, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Firozabad, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Karimnagar, Kolkata, Krishna, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Meerut, Mettuppalayam, Mohali, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Narsipatnam, Nashik, Noida, NORTH 24 PARGANAS, Panchkula, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Rajkot, Ranchi, RUPNAGAR, Surat, Thane, Titwala, Vadodara, Varanasi, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam,

32. Who Can purchase it, Only Airtel customers or anyone?
Xstream Box can be taken by anyone. those are looking dth set top or androidtv box with advanced features

34. What are the charges for new customer? In Festival Special Offer 
In Festival Special Offer you can get Airtel Xstream Box DTH Connection only at ₹ 3099.
35. Are there are data benefits for customers?
Currently, as on today, there are no data benefits

Technical Specification


Sales Package Airtel xstream Set Top Box, Bluetooth Remote, 10 Meter Connecting Cable, Out Door Unit- Dish Antenna & LNB  HDMI Or RCA Cable, 2 Pc Battery for remote


Brand Airtel
Type Airtel xstream, DTH Service & Android Tv Set top Box
Colour Black


Connectivity HDMI
WARRANTY Period 1 Year Warranty by Airtel Digital TV Customer Care
Service Type Onsite – Servicing at customer location. Anywhere in India. Airtel Digital TV ‘s representative will get in touch with you within 4- 24 working hours & fix an appointment for installation of your chosen Airtel DTH set-top-box

Offer Description:

  • DON’T JUST WATCH TV ON YOUR TV- Movies, apps, games & TV channels – now all on your TV with Airtel Xstream Box
  • Binge big on the Big screen- Loads of blockbuster movies and web shows across 13 languages built-in with Airtel Xstream App.
  • Command with your voice Search -your favourite content with the all new voice-enabled remote, powered by Google Assistant.
  • Your Apps now on your TV -Access over 5000 Apps with the Google Play Store – games, music, content and much more!
  • Turn Smartphone to a remote -Your smartphone doubles up as your remote and your gamepad. Just download the Smart Remote App.
  • Chromecast built-in -Cast your favourite content from smartphone to your TV with the Google Chromecast built-in.
  • Experience 4K picture quality -Watch 500+ TV channels in 4K resolution for amazing clarity, realistic colours and vibrant images.
  • Fueled with the power of Google -Powered by the latest Android Pie, your entertainment will always be ahead of the curve.
  • Hardware includes Airtel xstream Set-top-box,  Advance Voice Search Feature enable remote, Out Door Unit, Antenna and a 10-meter wire, provided at no extra cost. If you use extra wire above 10 meter, then you need to pay Rs 9 per meter for extra wire above 10 meter to installation team.
  • . The offer price also includes 7 Day DTH Subscription & 1 Month free Airtel TV OTT(Xstream) Content . Delivery and installation will be done by an authorized Airtel Digital TV technician.
  • . We will deliver and install your products through locale authorize installation partner. They will automatically contact you after successfully place order from your side for scheduling appointment with you within 4-24 working hours. The product is under 1-year Airtel Digital TV warranty.

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